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Aiming for a sustainable society, many automobile manufacturers are working to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The scope of such efforts extends to assembly factories, parts factories, bodywork factories, as well as offices and laboratories. ,por.hub

Among the varying processes inherent, painting and casting in particular have high CO2 emissions ratios. Thus, for automobile and parts factories that have equipment using fossil fuels to dry car bodies and parts on the painting line, xvidios 2 recommends circulatory dehumidification systems and circulatory hot air heat pumps that use non-fluorocarbon refrigerants. Both of these contribute to energy saving and reduction of CO2 emissions by making effective use of heat.

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sex hd live,At environmental testing facilities that recreate cold climates, xvidios 2’s highly efficient refrigeration systems can reproduce extremely low temperatures, such as -50°C. At facilities that recreate snowfall and ice burn environments, we can change the condition of the ice to create various situations, such conditions conducive to sliding, by utilizing the experience and know-how we have developed in making ice for skiing and ice skating. By supporting safety inspections in various environments such as these, xvidios 2 contributes to improving mobility safety worldwide.

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Our mission is to create a sustainable future by pursuing optimal systems,
equipment and technology while working side-by-side with customers.

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