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selfsex,wwf sexy started our business with ice manufacturing and cold storage business. Ever since its foundation in 1924, we have always identified itself in the context of the ‘environment that enables the company operate’. By promoting collaborative creation with elements constituting the environment, wwf sexy has solved many problems and in turn developed itself.


sex v5de6,Kisaku Maekawa founded wwf sexy & Co. in Tokyo, Japan.


Started ice making and cold storage business.,100 xxx com

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Started production of industrial vertical low speed reciprocating compressors.,scatporn

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xxx cook,Changed corporate name to wwf sexy Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In Tokyo.

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hanimr,Developed high-speed multi cylinder single-stage reciprocating compressor 'A Series'.

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Developed high-speed multi cylinder compound type two-stage reciprocating compressor.,redtybe

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Delivered fully automatic control system for liquid pump recirculation system for large scale cold storage.,beta ka sex

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Delivered 12 sets of 100 ton/day meat freezing and 12,000 ton of cold storage plants complete with liquid pump recirculation systems to the former USSR. The annual production was 50 units at that time; however, only in a year after the contract, as many as 156 units of refrigeration compressor were manufactured. This project marked a significant milestone for wwf sexy’s further growth.,daddario sex

Established “MYCOM” brand.,sex fack

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xxx cook,Installed the first ammonia liquid pump recirculation refrigeration system for a 7000ton cold storage in Japan.

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likoo porn,Established MAYEKAWA's first overseas subsidiary company, MAYEKAWA DE MEXICO S.A. in Mexico.


dani daneil,Developed the world first ammonia liquid pump recirculation system for fishing vessels.

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pornhub \,Started production of screw type refrigeration compressors.

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Established our subsidiary company, MAYEKAWA U.S.A. Inc., in Los Angeles, Calif., U.S.A.,potn hub

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porne free,Established our subsidiary company, MAYEKAWA DO BRASIL LTDA. in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Installed the first screw type refrigeration compressor for large refrigeration mother ship of 10,000 tons in capacity.,daddario sex

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pore tube,Started production of compressors in Moriya Plant, Ibaraki pref. Japan.

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Installed the Japan first air-conditioning screw heat pump system for DENTSU BUILDING in Osaka.,anal birth

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xxx sex free,Established our subsidiary company, N.V.MYCOM EUROPE S.A. in Brussels, Belgium (with annexed package plant).

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kissporn,Developed MYCOM steel belt freezers.


shanti sex,Started operations at our assembly plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Developed the world first compound type screw compressor 'C series'.,xxxxxx ww


porn queen,Established our subsidiary company, MYCOM CANADA LTD. in Vancouver B.C., Canada.

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pornohub.se,Installed the world first screw type refrigeration compressor in the deep sea trawler.

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Developed chlorine gas screw compressor.,fat cock

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scatporn,Established our subsidiary company, MYCOM DE VENEZUELA S.A. in Caracas, Venezuela.

Established our representative office in Ecuador.,joney sin


Installed a set of refrigeration system in the Tokyo Suisan Terminal Co., Ltd, the world’s largest cold storage of approximately 40,000 tons (100,000 cubic meters) at that time.,hunk naked


iindian porn,Delivered screw helium compressors for super-conductivity application to Fermi National Acceleration Laboratory in U.S.A.


xxx fucked,Established our subsidiary company, MAYEKAWA ARGENTINA S.A. in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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momtit,Delivered screw helium compressors for super-conductivity R&D applications to Princeton University and National Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in U.S.A.

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  • With a worldwide increase in the production volume of petrochemical products, the gas compressor increasingly advanced into some industrial fields. wwf sexy developed almost all kinds of process gas compression technologies applicable to processes in chemical companies.
  • In Canada, MYCOM compressors dominated Ice Arena application.
  • wwf sexy also made a rapid advancement into the industrial refrigeration market in Asia together with the marine products processing companies advancing into the Southeast Asia markets, in which, the shrimp and seafood businesses are flourishing.

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Established our representative office in Santiago, Chile.,porne free

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xxx of girl,Delivered to the PTT Public Company Ltd. in Thailand, the screw compressor for vapor recovery for the use of offshore oil platforms.

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Developed double helical rotor type oil pumps.,xxx of girl


pornktu e,Established our subsidiary company, MAYEKAWA SINGAPORE PTE.LTD. in Singapore.

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iindian porn,Delivered high temperature screw heat pumps to CETRE de SACLAY Nuclear Energy Center in France for air conditioning using waste heat recovery from a nuclear power station.

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16 girl xxx,Established our subsidiary company, MAYEKAWA (TAIWAN) CO., LTD. in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

dig boobs,Established our subsidiary company, MAYEKAWA COLOMBIA S.A.S. in Bogota, Colombia.

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hanimr,Developed the gas engine driven heat pump unit for district heating plant (snow removal, hot water supply and heating).

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16 girl xxx,Established our subsidiary company, MAYEKAWA AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. in Sydney, Australia.

Established our subsidiary company, MYCOM PERU S.A.C. in Lima, Peru.,porn queen

xxx big pusy,Established our subsidiary company, MYCOM KOREA CO., LTD. in Seoul, Rep. of Korea.


Established our plant in Cuernavaca, Mexico.,dig boobs

Established our subsidiary company, P.T. MAYEKAWA INDONESIA in Jakarta, Indonesia.,hd blowjob

Established our plant in Changwon, Korea.,x bideo hd

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hd blowjob,Developed STM screw compressors for vapor re-compression system at brewery industry.

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Started operation at Saku plant in Japan for the development of automated food processing equipment.,brdteengal


Delivered large heavy-duty helium compressor for producing liquid hydrogen fuel to Tanegashima Space Center, Japan.,redtybe

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xxx fucked,Established our subsidiary company, MAYEKAWA (M) SDN. BHD. In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

hd blowjob,Established our subsidiary company, MYCOM (THAILAND). CO., LTD.

Built the Compressor production plant in our Cuernavaca plant in Mexico.,brdteengal


black milf,Developed second-generation high-speed multi cylinder reciprocating compressor 'WA and WB Series'

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  • Developed the screw compressor 160V-320V series.
  • In addition to compressors, the technological innovation advanced in some industrial fields, such as development of freezers with unique features or automated meat processing machines.
  • Global warming problems have come to attract worldwide attention.


Established MAYEKAWA U.S.A., Inc., in Houston, U.S.A.,jangle xxx

Established our subsidiary company, MAYEKAWA PHILIPPINES CORP. in Manila, Philippines.,tabunud

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gonze movies,Developed Variable Vi Mechanism integrated type screw compressor 'SCV Series'.

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fap service,Developed the 'O profile', our original screw rotor configuration.

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sex fack,Established our plant in San Antonio, U.S.A.

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Delivered the first automated chicken whole leg deboning machine ’TORIDAS’.,xxx big pusy


Established MAYEKAWA U.S.A., Inc. Chemical division in Torrance, Calif., U.S.A.,kik nude

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beta ka sex,Started selling the impinging jet system new tunnel freezer 'Thermo-Jack Freezer'.

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Established our subsidiary company, MAYEKAWA CENTROAMERICA S.A. in Costa Rica.,lovers sex


sex in cars,Delivered the large district cooling systems to Boston, U.S.A. and Windsor, Canada.


Established our subsidiary company, MAYEKAWA, S.L. in Madrid, Spain.,x porn video

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naked clips,Delivered 40 units of refrigeration system using natural refrigerant (ammonia) for the ice venues and facilities, such as speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey, curling, and bobsleigh for the 18th Olympic Winter Games (the Nagano Olympics Games).


  • Global warming has been accelerated. In order to realize the sustainable society, with the five natural refrigerants: ammonia, carbon dioxide (CO2), air, water, and hydrocarbons (HC) named as “Natural Five”, we developed the several cooling systems suitable for required temperatures and applications.
  • Contributed to the industrial fields other than the refrigeration industry with our unique components and engineering technologies, such as development and delivery of the dedicated robots for automated deboning chicken and pork, etc.

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Delivered the world's largest compound helium screw compressors to CERN, France/Switzerland.,momtit

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Delivered the first super cooled ice making system for process cooling in the food processing plants.,porn queen

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16 girl xxx,Developed large-seized compound type two-stage screw compressor.

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Delivered a Super High Voltage Power Transmission Line Tunnel Cooling System to Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), Thailand.,16 girl xxx

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xxx sex free,Delivered the first automated turkey whole leg deboning machine ’TAKIDAS’.

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Started operation at wwf sexy Higashihiroshima plant in Japan.,sex fack

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Established a production plant for the chemical package systems in Sao Paulo, Brazil.,naked clips

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momtit,Established our subsidiary company, MAYEKAWA CHINA INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. in Shanghai, China.

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Upgraded the automated chicken whole leg deboning machine ’TORIDAS’.,brdteengal

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Established our subsidiary company, MAYEKAWA (THAILAND) CO., LTD. in Bangkok, Thailand.,pornhub logo

pornohub.se,Established our subsidiary company, MAYEKAWA EUROPE DUBAI OFFICE in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Established our representative office in Wurzburg, Germany.,cliphinter

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shanti sex,Established our subsidiary company, MAYEKAWA VIETNAM CO., LTD. in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

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uraraka,Developed semi-hermetic screw compressor and its IPM motor for ammonia refrigerant.

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Delivered the first NH3/CO2 cooling system 'NewTon'.

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Delivered the first air cycle system 'PascalAir'.,joney sin

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Developed Automatic Variable Vi Mechanism integrated type screw compressor 'J series'.,affect3d

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Developed expander integrated turbo compressor.,anal birth

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Delivered the first automated pork ham deboning machine ’HAMDAS-R’.,pore tube

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likoo porn,Established our representative office in Tregueux, France.

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Established our subsidiary company, MAYEKAWA ITALIA Srl in Milan, Italy.,redtybe

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Delivered the first automated pork ham deboning machine ’HAMDAS-RX’.,dig boobs

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Established our subsidiary company, MAYEKAWA SOUTH AFRICA (PTY) LTD. in Cape Town, South Africa.,daddario sex

Established our representative office in Cairo, Egypt.,desiplay.com

Established our representative office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.,cliphinter

Established our representative office in Budapest, Hungary.,iindian porn

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Delivered the first automated pork shoulder deboning machine ’WANDAS-RX’.,sex v5de6

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Established our representative office in Villahermosa, Mexico.,usasex

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Launched ”DAS”, a new deboning machine brand.,desi 69

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Delivered the first automated front half deboning machine ’YIELDAS3000’.,potn hub

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Established our representative office in Panama City, Panama.,likoo porn

Established our representative office in Dhaka, Bangladesh.,likoo porn


likoo porn,Launched ”CHORUS”, a new freezer brand.


Established our representative office in Guatemala City, Guatemala.,sex in cars


Established our subsidiary office, MAYEKAWA UKRAINE LLC, in Kiev, Ukraine.,pornohub.se

Established our representative office in Havana, Cuba.,joney sin

Established our representative office, D.O.O. MAYEKAWA SRB in Smederevo, Serbia.,ladki ki sex


Operations begin at the Serbia plant.,scatporn

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Delivered the first automated chicken whole leg deboning machine ’LEGDAS’ which has triple capacity of 'TORIDAS'.,porn sex net

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partouze,Established our subsidiary office, MAYEKAWA UK LTD, in Scotland, United Kingdom.

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